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NAU Compost Screen

NAU’s composting facility processes over 4000 cubic yards/year of compost. This material is acquired from both dining halls on campus, yard trimmings from the grounds department, and yard trimmings from the city of Flagstaff. These materials are processed with manure and wood chips in order to produce high quality, usable compost. This program has achieved all of this without any specialized composting equipment, and much of its success is owed to Howard Coldwell’s (seen on the right) passion and hard work. All of the materials composted would otherwise be put in a landfill. 

This project involved the purchase of a BLUELINE GRIZZLY screen that is being used to filter out large pieces of material before composting. Screening is a necessary part of the compost process as the material would otherwise not breakdown within a reasonable time frame. The screen included two different mesh sizes to improve the operation of the composting process, contributing to the production of better quality compost.

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